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How We Do It

QCDs - Quality, Cost and Delivery

You can count on GBS to meet it QCD metrics, i.e., the highest Quality, at the agreed upon Cost and on-time Delivery.

GBS uses state-of-the-art technology-driven solutions that meet or exceed current international standards for safety, security and quality. Quality doesn’t stop with certification, it is an innate part of our daily business process management. We use it daily to solve and prevent problems.

GBS utilizes the Quality tools to ensure that the solutions and services provided for you are Quality, Cost effective solutions that meet your Delivery Schedule.

  Quality Tools:
 1. Problem Solving Process (PSP)
 2. Quality Improvement Process (QIP)
 3. Management By Facts (MBF)
 4. Six Sigma
 5. Time To Market (TTM)


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