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Global Business Services is a Teaming Partner with MCI.

The solutions to be offered include Managed Network Services, Hosting, Contact Center Services and Security. Customers will benefit from MCI’s expertise. MCI delivers a comprehensive portfolio of local-to-global business data, Internet and voice services to a 'Who's Who' list of the Fortune 1000.

MCI's extensive global network is a key advantage for business customers of all sizes. MCI® owns, operates, monitors and maintains one of the largest communications networks in the world. Their network facilities are throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, in more than 140 countries and over 2,800 cities. Their 98,000-mile fiber optic network is designed to support the largest array of data communications and voice products in the world.

Additionally, MCI remains the most connected Internet backbone provider with the greatest number of Autonomous System network connections. The company's expansive IP footprint, coupled with its direct interconnections, exceeds all other competitor networks and enables its business customers and ISPs to reach more destinations directly through MCI's global IP backbone than any other carrier.

Through MCI’s re-seller program, GBS will be able to offer MCI’s technology to its customers.

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