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At Global Business Services (GBS), we know that because of the changes that have taken place in the global economy over the last decade, everyone is facing the formidable challenge of delivering increased savings without compromising productivity or quality. In our era of on-line, broadband communications, outsourcing solutions provide a level of seamless functionality like never before. And at GBS, we put the best and the brightest talent to work for you and your company, providing exemplary services in Software Design, Development and Maintenance, Networking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Knowledge/Document Management, IT Infrastructure, and Disaster Recovery with Secure Backup and Off Site Storage - to name just a few.

At GBS, our seasoned management team, and our expert, multinational staff (currently totaling 1835 - and growing!), are poised and ready to provide you with the highest caliber, enterprise-wide outsourcing services designed to meet- and exceed- your unique business requirements. Whether your business is a large corporation, a government agency, or a not-for-profit, GBS offers you the very best in outsourcing solutions.

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